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(based in Rotterdam, NL)


Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

Vrouwen en het veen

On the racks made of willow branches hang canvases with images and quotes about women's lives with the Dutch peat landscape. The exhibition "Vrouwen en het veen" (Women and the Peat) serves as a platform for these stories, which have been collected in archives, as well as through conversations with women in the peat today. By examining women's historical and contemporary experiences and stories, gaps in knowledge can be filled and insights gained. It contributes to a broader understanding of climate and landscape issues by overcoming binary divisions.

The exhibition's layout draws inspiration from the "Bleekweide," a historical meadow where women once brought freshly laundered clothes to dry and bleach in the sun, claiming their space in the public domain. Through the reinterpretation of textiles and their placement side by side, a new context for dialogue emerges.

Incorporating soil-based inks serves as a means to convey these stories and establish a more tangible connection between the stories and the materiality of the landscape itself.

Collaboration with KETTER&Co (Carine Middeldorp, Emma Schep, Hannah Sweering, Irene Fortuyn, Roland Smit)

Supported by Stimuleringsfonds
Images exhibition: Maarten Nauw

Making of the inks

The research project explores methods to visually depict narratives of life within the Dutch peatlands. The landscape's soils serve as mediums to convey these stories.

Several experiments in making soil-based inks were carried out for this purpose. Different types of soil, such as peat and clay, were collected, which were then ground in different processes and prepared for screen printing.

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