Communication Designer & Design Researcher
(based in Rotterdam, NL)

Pressing Matters #1

Installation (Textile)
& Riso Printed Poster


Pressing matters is a visual inquiry into Rotterdam’s wasted treasure. With more than a thousand members, the Rotterdam-based WhatsApp group “Trash and/or Treasure” is dedicated to repurposing discarded items found on the street.
To collect the materials for the project, whywhynot went around Rotterdam using the WhatsApp group in order to collect “trash”. They then utilised an experimental printing technique that involved applying ink directly to the recovered artefacts and running them through a printing press.

︎With: whywhynot (Gaia D’Arrigo, Louisa Wolf, Felix Bell, Nick Monro-Meares,
Julia Urreaga Aizarna, Hannah Kansy)
︎Exhibtion: Art Week Rotterdam, Keilwerf 2

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