Communication Designer & Design Researcher
(based in Rotterdam, NL)

Design Academy Eindhoven
Graduation Show Campaign

Visual Identity
(Posters, Pins, Flyer, Wayfinding)

The visual identity for the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2023 revolved around a graphic system featuring a modular font composed of interconnecting circles. This design concept aimed to reflect the fluid interconnections among project themes, the individuals involved, and the materials they utilized. The modularity of the system allowed for versatility and flexibility, making it adaptable across various media, including posters, flyers, pins for graduates, and elements of the wayfinding system.

︎Project Lead: Nikita Hurkmans 
︎Communication Manager: Snir Gedasi
︎Concept & Design of Campaign: whywhynot collective (Felix Bell, Léa Cadieux, Gaia D’Arrigo, Hannah Kansy, Nick Monro-Meares, Sebastian Quijada Link, Julia Urreaga Aizarna, Louisa Wolf)
︎Production Pin: Studio Thier & van Daalen
︎Production Wayfinding: Ja! reclame, André Corstjens
︎Print Flyer: buroform

Images of campaign by Gigi Totaro and whywhynot
Images of flyer by Hannah Kansy

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