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Graduation Catalogue

Editorial Design

The 2023 graduation catalogue documents both Bachelor and Master graduates and their projects. The cover design is based on a flexible visual system which visualises the fluid connections between individual and collective actors within the academy. The catalogue is supplemented with a “Community Glossary” which helps readers to navigate the more than 200 projects. Each graduate was asked to share three words that describe their project, with the possibility to also use non-English words and expressions. It therefore also works as an infographic, as the reader can see how many graduates chose the same or similar words and how these terms are reflected in their project. Additionally, graduates were given the opportunity to add pronouns, non-Latin alphabet names, and their personal definitions of their professions on their catalog spreads. The insights gained from these responses, especially regarding individual perspectives on professional definitions, proved to be captivating, introducing a rich diversity of viewpoints.

︎Catalogue Project Leader: Stijn van der Vleuten
︎Editorial Team: whywhynot collective (Felix Bell, Léa Cadieux, Gaia D’Arrigo, Hannah Kansy, Nick Monro-Meares, Sebastian Quijada Link, Julia Urreaga Aizarna, Louisa Wolf)
︎Design: whywhynot collective
︎Contributors: Naomie Bueno de Mesquita
︎Production: Trudy Dorrepaal
︎Printing and Lithography: Buroform
︎Binding: Patist

Catalogue Images by Ronald Smits

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